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Our community is undergoing a serious threat.

And in the face of adversity, we believe choosing to relay a message of hope can inspire
and strengthen the world around us.
Whether they're artists, makers, doctors, riders, whomever or whatever -- the people around us are the lifeblood of Factur.

And we need you.
We need you to share --
your thoughts, what you had for lunch, a funny boomerang, a brownie recipe --
whatever you think the community needs to
hear and know we are still a united voice, no matter the physical distance. 

Because the Factur Family is working on a public art installation
that will act as a beacon of hope projected through the city, and 
remind us that we are never on our own.

From Eddie Cantu and the whole Factur Family --


It’s amazing what can happen in the matter of months, weeks, days, or minutes. It is a time for all of us to be wary of current events.

But we will never be wary of our family, our community and our friends. Factur and Standard are weathering this storm with you. We are here to make sure that no matter how physically distant we must be, the community is as strong as ever. As as we remain united β€” together.

Because alone β€” we can be afraid.
We can be irrational, we can be narrow sighted, we can be confused.

But together, we can persevere.

Together, we can support one another through an impossible time.
Together, we can navigate uncharted territory.
Together, we can use the expression of art to create one united voice that is our community.

And together β€” we will create our future."

You're the reason we're all here. Thank you for being strong. Love, the Factur Family